Bucky 10 Rider Information

To All Bucky Riders,

Thank you for joining us for the 2018 Bucky 10 Dual Sport Ride.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all!
Here’s an All-Inclusive Information/Itinerary for you.  Please read it and know it before your arrival.  New riders will find this information very helpful.
Parking/Camping/Start Field:
Parking will be on the farm field property about 1/4 mile south of Cross Plains on County P on the east side of the road.
Please Note: The land owner needs to maintain clear access through the drive.  Do NOT park alongside driveway.  Follow the marked driveway back to the mowed field.  Do not worry about getting your vehicle stuck in the field as we have the necessary equipment to get any sized vehicle out.  Having your truck pulled out by a tractor is way better than having it run over by a tractor.
There will be banners and signs, but to help, this StreetView link shows you the exact field driveway to pull into: County Hwy P.
Registraton Opens Friday 2pm-8pm @ Main Street Lanes: 1721 Main St, Cross Plains, WI 53528
Sound Check: ALL Bucky bikes will require sound check testing. Sound Check will be across from Main St. Lanes on Friday.  Look for the EZ-UP tent across the street from where you register.
The Camping/Start area will be accessible all day Friday.  Again, park/camp in the mowed parking field area (see General Parking).
Woods Rider Development Class (optional):  Friday 3pm-5pm: Details here on a great class offered for both new and experienced riders.  There is an additional $30 fee for this optional class, but the money goes to charity and the skills taught can be put to fresh use on Saturday.  Details at: https://madisonmotorcycleclub.org/
Breakfast is on your own.  Cross Plains Family Restaurant (6am open), Crossroads Coffee (7am open),  Piggy Wiggly Grocery (7am-9pm 7days/week), Kwik Trip (24/7) are in-town food options.  Don’t miss the riders meeting!
The Kwik Trip gas station is conveniently located for gassing up before the start.
Registration and Sound Check on Saturday will be at the MMC trailer in the Start/Park/Camping field.  Look for Moose Racing banners and signs.
Riders Meeting:  8:00am SHARP! In the field start area.  Please be quiet for new riders and potential changes that affect everyone!
Bikes out at 8:20 am.  Be gassed and ready.  All bikes will leave from the campground area.  We will again use a staggered start this year.  Waves of 25-30 riders will leave every 5 minutes.  If you want to ride with your buddies, please arrange yourselves together before you get in line.
Gas: Right before lunch is Mazomanie with a Mobil and Shell station there.  This will be the only available fuel along the route — so you’ll want to stop.
Lunch: Wisconsin River Sportsman Club.  If someone wants to meet you at lunch, provide them with this handy map!
Post-Ride Dinner: Serving starts at 5:30pm at the American Legion Hall in Cross Plains.  We can also provide you with a to-go box if you cannot stay – just ask when you arrive.
The ride will end back at the Camp/Park/Start field.  Please make sure you are CHECKED IN at the end of the ride so we know you made it back!
Navigation and Ride Information
Navigation is by roll chart (road) and arrows (off-road). A roll chart holder is very handy for this ride. We will have a limited number of roll chart holders for sale. If you have never used a roll chart please tell us before the ride, we will help you!
ROLL CHART. Easy to use. If you need help, just ask. If you just see other bikes and just go where they go, and don’t follow the chart, you could easily miss entire off-road sections. There are some places where we double back, so even a GPS track can be confusing unless you READ THE CHART.
– GPS TRACKS. We SHOULD have GPS tracks again this year, but we never know for sure until the very last minute (the route sometimes changes just hours before the ride).  We will then distribute the tracks as soon as possible. If you want to use GPS, we ask that you load your own GPS with the track.  If you can’t, bring your GPS and cable along to registration and we’ll try to set you up if we have them.
– AGRICULTURAL FIELDS: GO AROUND on the edge. Never cross a field unless we have clearly arrowed it that way (there will be some of those). If you get off route, miss a turn, whatever, do NOT cross fields to get back on track. Do NOT cut across field corners. Please help us with this. If you get off track don’t just ride around looking, and DON’T cross fields, go back the way you came (carefully!) till you get back on the route.
GREEN: GREEN ARROWS ARE CRITICAL! If you see green arrows, get OFF THE GAS. Do not roost in green arrowed areas. If we screw up in a green arrowed area we could easily lose use of that property. If there are green arrows on a field edge, stay on the outside of the arrows (out of the field).
BLUE: These mark the MAIN ROUTE that covers the entire course. The blue route is set up so everyone should be able to ride it without a lot of difficulty.
RED:  These mark optional “HERO” trails which are more difficult than the main route. All red sections eventually join back up with the main (blue) route. If you can ride the blue route easily, without any problems, go ahead and try a red section.
SWEEP CREW: There will be a sweep crew riding behind the last riders. If the sweep crew comes up behind you, then YOU are one of the last riders. Sweep will be pulling arrows down as they go, so they can’t just go past you. If the sweep guys tell you to take a shortcut to catch up with the clock, just do what they recommend, they know what they are doing!
If you have any questions, contact madisonmotorcycleclub@gmail.com.
THANK YOU for riding this Madison Motorcycle Club event. As always, we’ll do our very best to give you a great experience!