Grand Prix (GP) Format Races

GP Format Overview – How it works:
(NOTE: Specific race day information will be posted on the Enduro/Hare Scramble page closer to the race date)

Course will be a mix of open and woods. Each class will run two (2) separate races or “motos”. These motos will be 20-30 minutes in length. Riders can ride multiple classes, provided they don’t overlap gate drops (see list below). Ideal course length to be 7-10 minutes max and will allow for riders without big tanks or handguards to compete without worry!
Scoring is moto style. First one across the line at the end of race  with most laps wins. Riders are scored every lap as they cross the line right up to the checkered flag. If a rider makes the cut to do another lap they do another lap, just like a hare scramble. Average of two moto finishes for final finish position.  Example:
Rider A finishes 1st in moto 1 and 2nd moto 2  Total=1.5
Rider B finishes 2nd in moto 1  and 1st in moto 2   Total=1.5
The second moto is always the tie breaker, so rider B wins the class for the day and each subsequent tie will be broken in this manner.
Classes to be run are shown below. Each  “race” represents a moto. Races shown with multiple classes use multiple gate drops. Classes and race combinations are set up to allow riders to ride more than one class (split/combined to cover most likely scenarios).

Race 1   50
Race 2   AA/A
Race 3   B/C/Vintage
Race 4   65/85/Women/Girls
Race 5   +30/+40/+50

Race 6    50cc (2nd moto)
Race 7    AA/A (2nd moto)
Race 8    B/C/Vintage (2nd moto)
Race 9    65/85/Women/Girls (2nd moto)
Race 10  +30/+40/+50 (2nd moto)