Ice Racing




3-Hour Ice Race – January 14, 2017
GP Style course, between 3 & 5 miles long

Crystal Lake Campground –  Lodi, WI

2017 Frosty Cheeks Event Rules (click)

2017 Frosty Cheeks Entry Form (click)

$100 entry fee.  This is a charity event.



Entry is per bike – may be ridden solo or by a team of up to 4 riders.  ALL riders on a team must be AMA members, and must register and sign releases.

IF YOU CAN: PLEASE PRINT & COMPLETE THE ENTRY FORM AND BRING IT WITH YOU – that will be a big time saver for you and everyone else.
ALL RIDERS still need to go to registration to sign releases.

AMA membership is required to race.
AMA join will be available at sign-up if needed.
AMA screws only. No cut tires.
AMA fender rules enforced. Fenders must remain in place entire race.
AMA tethered kill switch rule enforced.

RACE INFO call:  608-438-5430
Final decision on ice safety will be made on Thurs. Jan. 12.

“Rule 7. All machines must be equipped with tether-type kill
switches—not buttons or other types of switches—and
the cord must be fastened directly around the driver’s
wrist, not to his clothing.”